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Resolving the GAP between those who are BORN DIGITAL and those who ARE NOT!

A leadership program for the first generation of parents raising deviceKids.

There is a gap between what parents ‘think’ they know and what they ‘actually’ know. It is in this gap where children are finding themselves.

Discover what it means to grow up in a digital world and how this fundamental difference has disrupted childhood as we know it – whether your child owns a device or not! You will learn that raising a child today comes with a whole new set of unique, first-time challenges that influences the choices parents have to make including unknown challenges that significantly impact children’s experience of life. That’s why deviceKids need more than parenting attitudes to get by, they require leadership.

Ideal for parents, guardians and teachers! Tell me more!


When it comes to the online ‘society’, who is in the driver’s seat? You, your kids, corporates or advertisers?

“The problem is that my kids know more about devices than I do. I know what they or the school tells me but to be honest I do not know what they do or even what I should be paying attention too. I really have little control and knowledge.” (Mother, 2 children aged 12 & 14)

Parents agree, that it’s generally their children who teach them about devices, but it’s external influences such as corporations, advertisers and peers who are teaching your kids. Suddenly the world got larger, and PARENTING JUST GOT HARDER!

Note to parents: You didn’t grow up ‘digital’ and you need to catch-up! Learn more >

“Help! I'm a parent of a deviceKid!”

This online program equips you with the knowledge to navigate your kid confidently through the unchartered digital world.

Who better to learn from than the experts?
Read what REAL deviceKids have to say ...

“You grew up in a 3D world and are changing it to 2D, we are growing up in a 2D world and really wish it were 3D.”

Lucas, 14 years.


“My parents told me to ‘be careful, don’t talk to strangers and don’t do anything stupid …’ but I don’t know what that means”

Mitch, 13 years.


“I scream and shout and cry when my mum takes my phone away, because I am addicted to my phone. I hate it, I feel pathetic. I just can’t help it.”

Emily, 14 years.


“Mum drives me to school every day to protect me from strangers but I talk to people I haven’t met everyday…”

Isabel, 13 years.


What parents who have completed the program are saying:


“Knowing what I know now, I definitely feel more confident in guiding my children through the digital age.”

Karen – mother of 3, New Zealand.


“The program feels like your coach. I felt supported and encouraged all the way through.”

Trish – mother of 5, UK.


“The content is brilliant. The psychology aspect of the program was so interesting and there is a lot of information in it. Every parent needs to do it.”

Fiona – mother of 3, Australia.


“The program was such an eye opener. Although childhood differs from generation to generation with music, technology and fashion, kids of this generation are so far apart from how we grew up … they can do anything.”

Penny – mother of 2, Australia.


“My daughter is so immersed in Tumblr and it’s influencing who she thinks she is. I wish I had done this program earlier, I didn’t know any of this.”

Jo – mother of 1, Australia.

“On completion of this program you will be BACK in the driver’s seat!”


Here’s what the program includes…

MODULE 1: Yep! Parenting just got harder. Be committed.

(Session 1 to 5)

You will learn: The challenges of
raising a 3D child in a 2D world; how
kids use devices differently to us
and the gaps in understanding this
creates; and how knowledge gaps
impact the decisions you make… and more.

MODULE 2: The 5 key drivers of your tween. Be aware.

(Session 6 to 10)

You will learn: The key needs that
drive children’s behaviour online.
Discover what motivates them,
understand what they’re searching
for, learn how you can make more
informed decisions… and more.

MODULE 3: Your teen’s world immersed. Be responsible.

(Session 11 to 15)

You will learn: The next level of
needs that can drive teen’s online
behaviour; and the way you engage
with them in the real world will
influence how they behave online… and more.

MODULE 4: The world in which we live. Be brave.

(Session 16 to 20)

You will learn: Growing up with
constant publicity and what your
child’s digital footprint can mean in
a digital world with ‘lasting
memories’ where we feed the
corporate bank accounts and the
law is yet to catch up… and more. 

MODULE 5: Navigating your deviceKid effectively. Have vision.

(Session 21 to 25)

You will learn: How to confidently
take back the reigns; how to control
the first action in a chain reaction;
how to rise above easy-to-break
‘device rules’; and find teaching
opportunities through 12 key
practices you can implement right
now… and more.

PLUS! Receive 24 practical activities to gain the most benefit.

BONUS ‘App Schmap!’ The 32 page easy-to-understand handbook on the most popular Apps!

What kids are saying about growing up digital.

More and more kids are accessing mobile devices unsupervised - on a daily basis.
Do you know what they are doing? Do you know why? Do you know what they are feeling inside?

“It’s funny because i’m not allowed to ride my bike to the shops to see my mates but I can look at porn whenever I want too. Who knows what my parents are thinking... it doesn’t make sense.”

Sam, 13

“There are definitely things I’ve seen that I wish I could unsee.”

Sarah, 14

“I pretend i’m over 18 all of the time... except that I don’t really need to pretend because I can just access whatever I want anyway, it’s really easy’’

Anika, 15

Join “Help! I'm a parent of a deviceKid! ” program

ELIMINATE your knowledge GAP, and LEAD your kid more confidently!