Enter the shapeshifter, the crusader, the watcher – your digitally native, deviceKid!



A magical experience! Finding your 12 super powers …


So we’ve told you that most of the apps kids are hooked on essentially do the same or similar functions. “So what’s the problem?”

Well regardless of the category to which they belong, each of these apps are designed not only by technical experts but by those who think about experience. They find ways to offer something ‘a little extra’ – what is designed as a technical capability is translated in the hands of a child as ability. With the device, suddenly they feel able!

Let’s take that a step further – they feel capable, adaptable, considerable, unbeatable, camouflage-able, knowledgeable, lovable, enlarge-able, enviable, fashionable, marketable, recommendable, immeasurable, irreproachable, memorable, unmistakable, quotable, and generally just fantastically unbelievable! Like a superhero with a magical weapon in their hand, they feel superhuman, empowered and eventually able to take on the world!

Here are 6 powerful abilities kids, tweens and teens tap into from their 2D world!

The Watcher

Power: You can scan through other peoples’ profiles and lives … without detection.

Good: You can learn a lot about others by quietly observing – the internet offers you anonymity to be the ‘quiet observer in the corner’.

Evil: The ability to hide, means you can gather lots of information about someone without them knowing. You can voyeur into other’s lives without needing to exchange any information about your own – this is unnatural and puts power out of balance.

The Shapeshifter (Altering your appearance)

Power: You can curate your image and lifestyle to be anything you want it to be.

Good: You may achieve loads of compliments, and be rated very high by your friends and followers. You may have a laugh or build your esteem on how you wish you were.

Evil: You set up an expectation of who you are, only for others to be met with great disappointment, skepticism or being dumped because your life’s ‘not all that…’! A lot of extreme groups assume an enigmatic persona online for purposes of attack, recruitment, political threat etc.

The Omnipresent

Power: You can be here and be there at the same time.

Good: You can participate in several conversations even when you’re not there and still feel part of it. You still feel included and you never miss out.

Evil: Often when you are engaging somewhere else it means you are not present where you are. Not being in the moment can remove a chunk of the experience by ignoring those around you. It is exclusionary to those in the room with you.

The Crusader

Power: Network with thousands of people of all demographics and make a difference – voice your opinion and be heard.

Good: A fantastic opportunity for social voices and social movements – you can feel part of something important and of value. A powerful way to expressing yourself.

Evil: You can be heavily influenced and manipulated by unknowns. It’s the perfect way to join a gang, be in contact with undesirables and be negatively influenced. The ability to voice your opinion, rate or comment on something from behind a screen has opened up a can of worms with online trolls and general nasty behaviour. It can be very easy to have a voice, a say or agenda with non-disclosure of your identity.

The Mind Controller

Power: Convince others to engage or behave in a way that you control. You can gain dominance – or dominate a situation – through your influence.

Good: Influence can be used to direct and effect positive outcomes.

Evil: This power often comes in the form of blackmail, extortion and coercion e.g. a girl trades a nudie with a boy she likes and then it’s used against her. The distress and humiliation people can feel when subjected to this method of social interaction can be crippling and very damaging.


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